Organization: Roots and Reconnection
Contact Person: Dr. Lisa Aubrey. Founder and Director

Address: Arizona State University USA
University of Yaounde I, Cameroon
Phone: 237-694-22-2637

Location of Tribute: Cameroon
Date of Tribute: June 11, 2016
Time of Tribute:
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For how many years has the ceremony taken place:

Description of Ceremony: Professor Aubrey will provide an update on her ongoing research which has broken the silence on a little known slave trade site in the Southwest of Cameroon in an area called Bimbia.  Learn about the forced deportation of African ancestors on European slave ships into the diaspora. Dr. Aubrey and her volunteer research assistants have been able to trace nearly 200 disembarkations in countries outside of the African Continent. New DNA technology has been able to trace Cameroon Diasporans who are descendants of the enslaved in large numbers.