The International Coalition to Commemorate African Ancestors of the Middle Passage (ICCAAMP) has been formed to organize activities that are designed to remember the millions of Africans who were sold, kidnapped, shipped then died along the route from Africa to the Americas.  We also honor and commemorate those who survived the transatlantic trafficking in African people known as the Maafa, Black Holocaust, and Middle Passage. 

ICCAAMP member organizations conduct annual events that commemorate the spirit of these Afrikan ancestors who have for years gone unrecognized and/or forgotten.

ICCAAMP has been created to let the public know where these Pan-African Ancestral Commemorations take place and to support their longevity.

ICCAAMP encourages and offers support to Pan-African communities looking to begin ceremonies in their region.

ICCAAMP is looking to establish an African Diaspora Day of Remembrance in the near future.

ICCAAMP recognizes these ceremonies as a way to renew, restore and return black people to a state of wholeness and oneness.